Decontracting Massage

Decontracting Massage: 50 minutes of techniques and maneuvers to eliminate muscular contractions

Indicated if you have sore and rigid muscles and if you feel “tied” even if you do not practice sport.

Everyone has suffered at least once in their lives from suffering from those annoying muscle pains. Sometimes they are just annoyances, other times real pains that can compromise everyday life.

Usually the most affected muscle areas are at the base of the neck, the upper back (height of the shoulder blades) and the legs.

This can depend on a myriad of factors:

if you practice sport it is more than normal to be hit by contractures because the muscles that are overworked tend to go to defense.

If, on the other hand, you are not an athlete and you are mainly doing office work, your muscles tend to shorten due to little movement and sitting too much.

The result will always be the same: muscle contractures.

Here is the de-contracting massage to help you as it is a therapeutic treatment.

Let’s recap the pathologies for which the Decontracting massage is used:

rigidity, that is when the muscles lose their elasticity and consequently there is difficulty in the movements;
joint block, when the joints no longer respond properly;
heaviness, especially at stomach level and therefore slower digestion;
anxiety, when one is suffering from a state of general malaise caused by anguish.

This treatment, in addition to being used in most cases for therapeutic purposes, is also chosen as a prevention, to mitigate stress and tension or simply for personal pleasure.

The methods of carrying out the treatment are essentially based on some manual skills and, mainly, on how to make the pressure of the hands on the affected part effective.

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