Swedish massage – The eternal classic

What you need to know about Swedish massage

A good massage gives both body and soul a soothing, refreshing feeling. There are countless types depending on the type of methods and goals, but in the western world, Swedish massage is the most common.

Swedish massage is named after massage fencer Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839), a Stockholm-based fencer. She collected and organized Swedish massage courses. This type of massage is widespread because it relaxes muscles physically and psychologically.

Of course, if a person has a painful, cramped lump in a particular part of the body, it can be used only in one area, but as a relaxation a whole body Swedish massage can revitalize a person. Swedish massage can be excellent for rheumatic complaints, degenerative problems, musculoskeletal complaints. Massage can be done dry or with creams and oils, so everyone can tailor the treatment to their own needs.

The staff at our Massage Salon has extensive experience in the Swedish massage area, so whether you’re looking for relaxation or pain relief, you’re in the right place!

Within the Swedish Massage / Sports Massage timeframe, the body parts and landscapes to be recycled are optional, depending on your condition. So, for example, you can choose between a full body massage, a 60 minute back massage and a 30 minute foot massage, or even a 30 minute waist massage, a 45 minute back massage and a 15 minute foot massage in a 90 minute timeframe.

TIP: If you feel very cramped and tense in your back, cupping combined with Swedish massage can be an effective aid for muscle adhesions. Here, depending on your ability to withstand pain, you can choose between 15 minutes cupping and 30 minutes Swedish massage in a 45-minute combined treatment, or 30 minutes cupping and 15 minutes Swedish massage. This service is currently available from our Spa and can be booked online. If you like strong and effective massage, try this!

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