Swedish massage – The eternal classic

What you need to know about Swedish massage

A good massage gives both body and soul a soothing, refreshing feeling. There are countless types depending on the type of methods and goals, but in the western world, Swedish massage is the most common.

Swedish massage is named after massage fencer Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839), a Stockholm-based fencer. She collected and organized Swedish massage courses. This type of massage is widespread because it relaxes muscles physically and psychologically.

Of course, if a person has a painful, cramped lump in a particular part of the body, it can be used only in one area, but as a relaxation a whole body Swedish massage can revitalize a person. Swedish massage can be excellent for rheumatic complaints, degenerative problems, musculoskeletal complaints. Massage can be done dry or with creams and oils, so everyone can tailor the treatment to their own needs.

The staff at our Massage Salon has extensive experience in the Swedish massage area, so whether you’re looking for relaxation or pain relief, you’re in the right place!

Within the Swedish Massage / Sports Massage timeframe, the body parts and landscapes to be recycled are optional, depending on your condition. So, for example, you can choose between a full body massage, a 60 minute back massage and a 30 minute foot massage, or even a 30 minute waist massage, a 45 minute back massage and a 15 minute foot massage in a 90 minute timeframe.

TIP: If you feel very cramped and tense in your back, cupping combined with Swedish massage can be an effective aid for muscle adhesions. Here, depending on your ability to withstand pain, you can choose between 15 minutes cupping and 30 minutes Swedish massage in a 45-minute combined treatment, or 30 minutes cupping and 15 minutes Swedish massage. This service is currently available from our Spa and can be booked online. If you like strong and effective massage, try this!

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Decontracting Massage

Decontracting Massage: 50 minutes of techniques and maneuvers to eliminate muscular contractions

Indicated if you have sore and rigid muscles and if you feel “tied” even if you do not practice sport.

Everyone has suffered at least once in their lives from suffering from those annoying muscle pains. Sometimes they are just annoyances, other times real pains that can compromise everyday life.

Usually the most affected muscle areas are at the base of the neck, the upper back (height of the shoulder blades) and the legs.

This can depend on a myriad of factors:

if you practice sport it is more than normal to be hit by contractures because the muscles that are overworked tend to go to defense.

If, on the other hand, you are not an athlete and you are mainly doing office work, your muscles tend to shorten due to little movement and sitting too much.

The result will always be the same: muscle contractures.

Here is the de-contracting massage to help you as it is a therapeutic treatment.

Let’s recap the pathologies for which the Decontracting massage is used:

rigidity, that is when the muscles lose their elasticity and consequently there is difficulty in the movements;
joint block, when the joints no longer respond properly;
heaviness, especially at stomach level and therefore slower digestion;
anxiety, when one is suffering from a state of general malaise caused by anguish.

This treatment, in addition to being used in most cases for therapeutic purposes, is also chosen as a prevention, to mitigate stress and tension or simply for personal pleasure.

The methods of carrying out the treatment are essentially based on some manual skills and, mainly, on how to make the pressure of the hands on the affected part effective.

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Benefits of Thai massage

Routine and day to day make disconnecting from routine difficult. The benefits of Thai massage are excellent for counteracting stress and improving the body. The constant formation of our workers makes us the ultimate in relaxation experiences.

thai massage

Also known as Thai Massage, Thai massage is a millennial technique that involves stretching and pressure from head to toe to alleviate the muscular tension and discomfort it generates in our body.

The Thai massage is made on a futon on the floor and this is where the masseuse exercises pressure on the damaged areas to generate heat.

The benefits of Thai massage are innumerable. The most outstanding benefit is the activation and irrigation of the blood in the areas where the masseuse has been working.

It also releases tension and causes the muscle to regain its proper tone, avoiding future injuries. In this sense, it helps the mobility of all the joints and improves the flexibility and amplitude of the movement.

Other benefits of Thai massage

Another benefit of the Thai massage is to improve the internal energy of each one, which will make us feel better in our daily lives and health. At the same time, it helps us achieve perfect health in the joints and muscles.

The Thai massage favors the skin leaving the skin moisturized and smooth by balancing sebacic secretion.

In case these seem to have little benefit …

Relieve headaches and back
It reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality
Improves the functioning of internal organs
It reduces nausea and relieves the pain caused by menstruation
Improves digestive, immune, circulatory, respiratory and nervous system,
They stimulate the elimination of toxins
It facilitates mental and physical relaxation at the same time and allows cos-ment-space connection.

Thai massage is especially recommended for people suffering from muscle pain caused by contractions and nervous tensions, joint pain due to postures and erroneous movements, arthrosis and arthritis, spinal deformities such as scoliosis, lack of flexibility, neuralgia, insomnia And those who are nervous and cost them to relax.

If you are a person suffering from stress, the benefits of Thai massage will be your best ally to escape from it and improve your well-being and health. Organize your weekend in our hotel to experience the relaxation experience of the Thai massage and our spa.

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Female to Male Full Body to Body Massage Parlour in Faridabad

A rejuvenating and refreshing spa treatment in Faridabad is one of the famous Spa centre. A professional body massage centre in faridabad is a heaven for relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration. Massage therapy is popular treatment which is growing demand and popularity. If you look forward to regular body to body massage in faridabad it will be relax you properly. There is variety of massage benefits that you can achieve through regular treatment.

Female to Male Massage-

Female to male massage means massage done by female. In Delhi there are so many professional female therapist are there who are provided best services as per customer requirements. Female to male body massage in faridabad is very relaxing and removing all the anxiety. Today’s everyone lifestyle is too hectic, so you can feel too much stress from work. If you take the massage regularly, it will give you energy for a long period of time. Massage is the best wonderful way to rejuvenate your life. Female to male massage is one of the good medicines for depression. The causes of depression are mental illness, so massage is the excellent way to get rid of all the tension, and especially if you take this massage from cross gender. Massage has also so many medical benefits. These types of massage also known for improve blood circulation and also allowing more oxygen absorption. There are so many different types massage-

There are so many massage benefits –

  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduces low back pain
  • Improving sleeping quality.
  • Help to reduce chronic pain
  • Help to increase range of motion
  • Decrease the pain of migraine

Now a day’s female to male body to body massage in faridabad, high in demand. The main purpose of this massage is to provide utmost satisfaction to every customer. Female therapist in Delhi are so eco-friendly to their customer and try to provide best service.

So get yourself energize and feel good by taking massage regularly.